Health Testing in London

At The Wellness People, we believe that the key to wellness and illness prevention is taking ownership of your health.  A big part of this that should not be overlooked at every stage of your adult life, is routine screening and testing. 

This preventative measure will help to identify any developing or silent health problems, as well as modifying your lifestyle (diet, activity, well-being) or utilising therapeutic strategies to nip any potential health issues in the bud. 

This proactive and preventative health management has become increasingly important as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and any additional challenges as we recognize how vital good health is as a baseline.

We offer the following routine but potentially lifesaving tests and procedures that our patients have regular access to. Our in-house doctor can provide you with advice on which tests are appropriate for you and how often you may require them.

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Blood Testing

Together with our laboratory partner, we provide access to most blood tests and can offer in-clinic testing or testing in the comfort of your own home*.

*Home testing will incur additional cost*

COVID-19 swab test

Covid Testing

Covid Testing: We offer the whole gamut of Covid tests, antigen, antibody, PCR, lateral flows and all certificates required.

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Other Tests

Our services include Blood Pressure checks, Blood Glucose checks, Urine analysis, Visa and Job Medical Examinations.

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