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What is a medical assessment?

A medical assessment is a preventative health check that uses clear tests and non-invasives to provide an overview of a person’s current state. Our trained nurses and specialists will carry out these assessments, assisting the client with any other concerns.

How does it work?

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with us via phone or website.

Meet with a Doctor

They can suggest suitable medical tests for you.

Receive Your Results

Your results, analysis, and recommendations will be emailed to you.

Follow Up (Optional)

Follow-up consultation for further advice.

Why Choose Us

At The Wellness People, London, we believe that the key to wellness and illness prevention is taking ownership of your health. A big part of this that should not be overlooked at every stage of your adult life, is routine screening and testing.

First Class Medical Care

In-clinic / Home Testing Available

Patient-centered Approach

Caring Medical Experts

Which medical assessments best suit your needs?

Select the medical check that best suits your specific medical concerns. You can choose to either have an in-centre assessment in London or do your medical check at home.

How much do our medical assessments cost?

Blood Testing Cost

Name of Test TWP Price
Anaemia Profile
Biochemistry Profile
Cardiovascular Risk Profile
Diabetes Profile
Female Hormone Profile
Heart Health Profile
Male Hormone Profile
Mineral Profile
Thyroid Profile
Vitamin Profile
Vitamin Profile (Advanced)
Well Person Test (Full Blood Count, Kidney, Liver, Bone, Iron, Cholesterol, Glucose)

*All the price and is subject to change depending on the requirements. For more details, kindly contact our consultants for more information.

Covid-19 Testing Cost

Name of Test TWP Price
Abbott Antibody Test IgG
Antibody Test (Fingerprick)
Antibody Test Spike Prot
Certificate of Recovery
PCR Test 24H
PCR Test 48H
Rapid Antigen Test

*All the price and is subject to change depending on the requirements. For more details, kindly contact our consultants for more informations.

Other Tests Cost

Name of Test TWP Price
Blood Pressure Check
Blood Sugar Check
Blood Ketone Check

*All the price and is subject to change depending on the requirements. For more details, kindly contact our consultants for more informations.

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Medical assessment is important for you to learn about your current health condition.

Why are health needs assessments important?

Health needs assessments are important because they help in assessing patients’ needs and provide a better way of treating them. They also help in ensuring that patients are getting proper care.

A health needs assessment will help in identifying potential problems and risks to a patient’s health. It will also identify patients’ strengths, weaknesses, and any other factors that might affect their health. This ensures that they are getting proper care and attention from the healthcare provider.

FAQs about Medical Assessment

On this page, you can view our full-body health checks and book the one that’s right for you. Please feel free to schedule a private, full health check-up with us.

Check out our medical assessment location in London Here.

On this page, you can make an appointment for a full medical check-up. Check out the different health screening options and make a reservation today.

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Usha Menon
Usha Menon
April 26, 2022.
Extremely professional and efficient.
Carolina E.
Carolina E.
April 23, 2022.
Dr. Roshni was great, she explained to me everything patiently and provided 2 great treatments, so far I tried Cryo Facial And fat feeezing! Loved them both! Looking forward to coming back for the hair removal.
Dayana Nikolova
Dayana Nikolova
March 30, 2022.
Absolutely incredible. I was amazed after seeing the results from the Cryo facial. The treatment really woke my skin up and made me feel so refreshed and reenergised. HIghly recommended. Looking forward to my next treatment.
LaiCheng Foong
LaiCheng Foong
March 23, 2022.
Attentive , efficient and such positive vibes all around. . We need more people like this .
Natasha Aziz
Natasha Aziz
February 21, 2020.
Dr Roshni knows her stuff! Can’t wait to try all the treatments on offer.
shenyi ng
shenyi ng
February 8, 2020.
Roshni is warm and knowledgable. I always have a good experience. Tell her what you need and she will sort you out!

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