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The (cryotoning facial) treatment itself takes only 20mins and is actually super relaxing.
Thanks so much @thewellnesspeoplelondon for a glowy start to my weekend

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fat freezing treatment

After my first (cryotoning facial) treatment, my skin feels tighter and more lifted

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a women

Tried the cryofacial for the first time- amazing feeling and look- firmer and higher. A very easy,
natural way for busy women to look fresher, younger and firmer in 20 mins – I recommend it!

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The facial is only 20mins, no down-time and extremely comfortable. After my very first
treatment, my skin looks lifted and tighter!

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My first Cryofacial was pleasant, relaxing and not painful. I saw the results instantly. The effect
on my chin is obvious! Excellent service from @thewellnesspeoplelondon

@aqila_agha (Entrepreneur and Founder @papillionkialtd)


It (cryotoning facial) felt refreshing and relaxing and non-invasive. I now have a fresh glow, a jaw lift, fewer lines & my pores have tightened. Safe to say I am now hooked!


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Lots of really lovely messages about my glowing skin- happy to share what I do- crucially
cryotherapy squeezed in, in my lunch hour – immediate results!

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I have had a few sessions (Local Cryotherapy) now on my knees and find I get immediate pain
relief+ ease of movement after each treatment. Also helped tremendously with my plantar



I just froze my stomach (cryotoning) and literally tightened it up and it feels and looks so much
better- love the results –tightens and tones- omg my jeans are already looser!!!

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Thank you for boosting my looks today – so good for my skin and my chin has gone! Yay!
Jawline coming back thanks to @thewellnesspeoplelondon who are amazing!
@nickede (TV Personality and Founder @eastofeden, @styleforstroke)

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Thank you @thewellnesspeoplelondon for an amazing cryofacial- it uses the cold to boost collagen for a super glow and gives a non-invasive facelift- I love it and my skin feels tight and refreshed!
@openbeauty1 (Make-up Artist and Beauty Blogger)

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Yesterday’s therapy session with the local cryotherapy machine was great- my aching muscles
post training felt relieved and relaxed- I will be back real soon!

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cryo toning treatment

The (Cryo) facial felt relaxing, pain-free and Roshni was so friendly, professional and calm. I
really enjoyed my treatment @thewellnesspeoplelondon

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I loved the instant, non-invasive effects! It was quite a visible lift. Can’t fault it!

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cryo slimming

Working on getting those cheeks lifted with the Cryotoning Facial @thewellnesspeoplelondon.
I have already seen great results after 2 sessions and will be trying the Cryotoning Body on my
knees too! Non-invasive and safe!!!
@petrostofberg (Co-Founder @wardrobeicons)

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I have no make-up on and I only had the cryotoning facial this morning! Skin feels amazing -so
thank you @thewellnesspeoplelondon

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The (Cryofacial) treatment boosts collagen and definitely improves elasticity of the skin

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Addicted to the cryofacials @thewellnesspeoplelondon with Dr Roshni- the 20 minute facial in
sub degree temps feels like cold stones being pulled over your face in a lifting motion and
leaves skin glowing, smooth and tightened.
@rachelsingerclark (Make-up Artist and Beauty Journalist)

skin problem

Super excited about having this facial- my skin has been really bad with spots etc –so happy
with the results- great refreshed skin and glow!

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cryo facial effect

Takes just 20 mins and feels cold but your skin gets used to it- then it just feels refreshing! I have signed up to a 20min cryofacial every 2 weeks! Watch this space! Loving my cryofacials! Not just a monthly beauty must-have but a wonderful pre-party lift, tighten and glow!
@deborahbrett (Fashion Icon, Fashion Editor @wardrobeicons)

Cryo Slimming

Tighter skin thanks to a 20 minute Cryofacial with Dr Roshni Menon @thewellnesspeoplelondon- no injections, pregnancy safe, no downtime! 

@leivankash (Jewelry designer and Lifestyle Blogger)