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Pre-Test Consultation

Sit down with our highly qualified allergist in London to discuss your history, concerns, and symptoms as well as the most suitable methods of testing and treatment.

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Post-Test Consultation

A follow-up session with our allergy specialist to discuss your test results and treatment options.

ALEX Allergy Test (IgE Blood Test)​

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The new ALEX test (Macro-Array Diagnostics, of Vienna, Austria) comprises 126 component allergens plus 156 native allergens, totalling 282 tests, supplemented with total IgE, ALEX ® which can cover over 99% of the need for routine allergy diagnosis.

This test covers 167 different natural allergens (more than 150 allergen extracts and more than 100 molecular allergens including pollen, mould, fungus associated with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases – mites, pets, insects, and a range of foods). 

This detailed allergen panel is not only useful for researching specific allergens for individual patients but is also a comprehensive and definitive allergen screening test for suspected allergic patients.

ALEX ® Allergy Explorer is the first and most scientifically advanced in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurement of total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against a plethora of allergen extracts and molecular allergens. 

Based on our test panel’s composition of allergen extracts and molecular allergens, a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status is obtained. ALEX ® is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology and is the new generation gold standard of in vitro tests for Type I allergies.

These component lgE antibody screening tests are very useful in people who suffer with multiple food and inhalant allergies and helps identify to which group or groups of allergens they are cross reacting to such as profilins, LTPs, Tropomycins or CCDs. Once their cross- reactive allergen groups are identified, one can predict severity of future reactions and whether they would benefit from desensitization immunotherapy.

Who Could Be An Allergy Patients?

Babies & Young Children

Babies & Young Children

Most symptoms in babies are due to milk related allergies. As their diet expands to include solids, toddlers may have allergies to soy, egg, shellfish, nuts or wheat. Theses allergies often show up as eczema, urticaria/hives and other gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating and discomfort. Testing and definitive diagnosis at the earliest opportunity is essential to ensuring normal nutrition, growth and development.

Adolescents & Teenagers

Allergic symptoms can present as itchy eyes, runny noses/rhinitis, wheeze or asthma and eczema or hives. At this crucial school-going age, chronic symptoms can negatively affect quality of life, ability to do sports and stay active and academic performance.

Once again, testing and definitive diagnosis at the earliest opportunity is essential.

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Adults can be affected by either persisting allergies from childhood or by new and developing allergies which can result in a huge variety of symptoms including hives, eczema and even anaphylaxis.

To reduce the anxiety and stress surrounding these symptoms and allow a normal quality of life with minimal disruption to work and daily routines, early detection is essential.

Common Allergic Conditions

Allergic Asthma & Wheeze

Allergic Asthma & Wheeze


Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

Drug and Latex Allergy

Drug / Chemical / Latex Allergies

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Food Allergy

Food Allergy

Hives/Urticaria and Angioedema

Hives / Urticaria and Angioedema


Insect Sting Allergy

Are you facing the allergy conditions above?

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Carolina E.
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Dayana Nikolova
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