Fat Freezing treatment

What is Fat Freezing and How Does it Work?

Fat freezing has been all the rage in the cosmetic world lately. This trend isn’t about exposing body fat to the winter cold. Rather, it is a non-invasive procedure that breaks down complex fat compounds to eliminate them from the body.

Since fat freezing came to light, the misguided have spawned many misconceptions, especially about how it works. In this post, we will shine a light on what fat freezing is and how it works to remove fat from the body.


What Are Fat Freezing and Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy and fat freezing are non-invasive medical therapies that use low temperatures to reduce blood flow to a particular region of the body.

This procedure significantly reduces inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around tendons or joints. Cryotherapy is also used to destroy damaged tissue, including cancer cells.

Localised cryotherapy effectively treats serious health conditions and has been shown to reduce pain in patients with arthritis. Cryotherapy can be delivered to one area of the body or the whole body.


How Fat Freezing and Cryotherapy Work

Cryotherapy and fat freezing aim to subject the whole body or a localised area to extreme cold temperatures to freeze and destroy malignant body tissue. Liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrous oxide, or argon gas is used to create this low temperature.

Cryotherapy can also be used to remove body fat. There are two types of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Cryotherapy targets subcutaneous fat.

Before applying fat freezing treatment to the skin, the doctor will use a spraying device or cotton swab to apply the freezing agent.

If the targeted tissue is located inside the body, the doctor uses an instrument called a cryoprobe to introduce the freezing agent into the area through an incision.

When the abnormal tissue freezes, the immune system clears the tissue and filters it through the liver and out of the body.


How to Prepare for a Cryotherapy

It is advised that you contact a doctor to receive instructions regarding preparations before fat freezing.


There is little to no risk involved with this procedure. It is safe and effective for removing fat from the body. The side effects are mild and go away after a short time.


Benefits of Fat Freezing

1. Non-Invasive

Patients experience mild or no pain during the fat-freezing procedure. It is carried out using an applicator instead of cutting open the skin. The suction of the applicators does not exert any significant sensation or pain on the patient.

2. Quick Recovery Period

Fat freezing can be done as an outpatient treatment. The patient can get back to their normal activities in no time after undergoing the procedure. The fact that it is non-invasive and relatively pain-free contributes to the short recovery period. Treatment results can be seen within just three weeks.

3. Impressive Results

One of the amazing benefits of this procedure is that the results are natural-looking. It reduces fat at a natural rate and allows your skin to retain its elasticity. Unlike the scars that invasive procedures leave, the skin remains healthy-looking after undergoing fat-freezing treatment.

4. Long-Lasting Results

Cryolipolysis removes fat in localised areas. The area becomes free of fat, leaving you with long-lasting results. You stand a better chance of living a healthy lifestyle with this procedure.

5. Efficient Treatment

If you are looking for a medical procedure that will help you completely remove fat from your body, you can rely on fat freezing. The procedure can be performed on several areas and many times until the desired result is achieved.

6. Medically Approved

Fat freezing and cryotherapy are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as safe and effective medical procedures for treating visible fat around the body. This approval shows how low risk and effective these treatments are. You can rely on The Wellness People to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.


In a Nutshell

Fat freezing and cryotherapy are non-invasive procedures considered safe and effective for fat loss. If you want to lose weight through either of these innovative techniques, be sure the provider is well-trained and licensed to offer it.

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