8 Myths about Cryotherapy That You Should Know

Cryotherapy is an effective, innovative non-invasive medical procedure that removes fat from the human body.

This slimming-down procedure has grown in popularity since its inception. It is all the rage in the medical industry for treating inflammation, arthritis, and muscle pain. All in all, it’s effective at achieving overall well-being.

Just like every other medical procedure, cryotherapy is not free from misconceptions. Many misleading myths have been spawned around this cutting-edge technology.

We have put together this guide to help you understand the myths and facts surrounding cryotherapy.


Myth 1: Cryotherapy Is Painful

One of the misconceptions about cryotherapy is that it hurts. People believe it is painful because it is done in cryo-chambers that are kept at a freezing temperature.

The truth is that when a well-trained and licensed healthcare provider administers cryotherapy, it doesn’t hurt.

The cold temperature of the cryo-chamber only makes your body experience a slight tingling and non-painful sensation during initial exposure.

When the session is complete, your body temperature will return to normal within minutes.


Myth 2: Cryotherapy Is Lethal

Properly administered cryotherapy is not harmful. This procedure is designed to be safe and effective in removing fat.

The body is subjected to low temperature, but there is not enough time for the cold to penetrate the internal organs. There are no recorded cases of frostbite or any other risks associated with hypothermia during cryotherapy.

That being said, there are times when this procedure shouldn’t be administered. It could be dangerous for people with health conditions that reduce body sensations.

Those living with diabetes, heart conditions, and nerve pain are advised to stay away from cryotherapy. Pregnant women should also avoid cryotherapy treatment.


Myth 3: Cryotherapy Does Not Work

Because only a handful of studies have been conducted to ascertain if cryotherapy works, many believe it does not.

However, the few available studies were carried out by reputable and popular medical research institutes, which prove, without a doubt, that cryotherapy works.

More studies will be done in the future to put to rest any misconceptions surrounding this procedure and enable people to better understand how it works.


Myth 4: Recovery Can Take a Long Time

Cryotherapy recovery time isn’t as long as many purport. After the cryotherapy session, the treated area becomes red and may swell.

This is a normal side effect, and any resulting blisters should not be broken open. After seven to ten days, the healing process is complete. The treated area will look normal once healing is complete.


Myth 5: Cryotherapy Only Works After Workouts

Cryotherapy is purported to be for athletes only. Athletes often use cryotherapy after workouts to re-energise and prepare their bodies, physically and mentally, for other workouts and games.

Doing cryotherapy after workouts also helps calm people down and enables them to sleep better. However, regardless of these uses and benefits, cryotherapy is not limited to athletes.

It also serves as an effective non-invasive tool for fat removal.


Myth 6: Cryotherapy Is Very Expensive

Many people think that they will need to break a bank to afford cryotherapy, but this medical procedure is not as expensive as they think.

Many providers offer discounts, especially when patients require multiple sessions. The cost of cryotherapy also depends on the country and any additional services required. But normally, the price is fair.


Myth 7: Cryotherapy Can Only Be Done Once

While it may take just one session to achieve tremendous results, cryotherapy may require more than one session before results begin to manifest.

Not everyone will receive similar results because it depends on body type and the amount of fat to be removed.

Some people may notice a change right away, while others won’t see a difference for some time. It is a good idea to go into your cryotherapy session expecting that it will take more than a session to achieve results.


Myth 8: Cryotherapy Leaves Scars

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive body fat removal procedure. As such, it doesn’t leave any cuts or scars. It is a 100% scar-free process.


Cryotherapy is Safe for You

Now that you have been presented with hard facts demystifying misconceptions surrounding cryotherapy, it should be obvious that this procedure is right for you to remove fat without compromising your health.

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