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Myths About Cellulite You Need to Stop Believing

It is common knowledge that cellulite is a skin condition found in both men and women. 

They are usually found at the midsection, thighs, leg, or buttocks. 

It is a condition that hampers the appearance of the skin. 

As a result, people search for their treatment. 

Some people follow the wrong treatment procedure because they are holding to certain cellulite myths. 

Below are some cellulite myths you need to stop believing now.


1. Only Overweight People Have Cellulite

It is a widespread notion that obese or overweight people are likely to have cellulite. 

This is not true because even slim people have cellulite. 

Fashion models have at some point reported having cellulite. 

Most obese people do not have cellulite debunking the perception that cellulite is a function of the body’s fat accumulation.

2. Fat Deposits Underneath the Skin Cause Cellulite

Many believe that cellulite is largely caused by fat buildup underneath the skin. 

Fat is an end to a means of cellulite manifestation and not the other way round. 

Cellulite is mainly caused by lumps of fats trapped in the connective fibrous tissues holding the underlying muscles to the skin. 

They bulge out giving the cellulite appearance. 

As more weight is gained, fat is accumulated underneath this connective tissue increasing the dimpling.


3. Only Women Have Cellulite

Regardless that cellulite is common in women, it is also found in men.

Men have a more rigid cell structure, hence, the reason they are less likely to have cellulite.

Men that do have cellulite have it in the stomach and neck regions, unlike women that have it in the thigh, legs, stomach, and neck areas.



4. Losing Weight Eliminates Cellulite

Some people undergo a weight loss program with the misconception that as they lose weight they will get rid of cellulite.

This is not true because losing weight does not change your skin’s appearance.

It can even worsen the skin condition if not done properly.

However, weight training that builds and strengthens the muscles around the cellulite-prone areas can be used to minimize the dimply effect of the cellulite.



5. Surgery Makes Cellulite Go Away

There is the misconception that cellulite surgery such as Cellulaze treatment is highly effective in treating cellulite.

In fact, for those who live locally, cryotherapy in London is a cellulite treatment that guarantees you a safe and cost-effective way of removing cellulite from your body.



6. Firming Creams Can Remove Cellulite

Firming creams are believed to make cellulite-affected areas appear less dimply.

The fact is that there are no firming creams that can remove cellulite.

Most scientists and researchers have proven many times that firming creams are not able to eliminate cellulite as they are said.



7. Sun Tanning is a Cellulite Remedy

It is thought that getting tanned has a way of providing a remedy to cellulite removal.

The truth is that sun tanning is not a fix to the problem.

Instead of treating cellulite, sun tanning breaks down the collagen bonds of your skin causing cellulite to be more visible than usual.



8. A Healthy Diet Will Remove Cellulite

No diet will help you with the total removal of cellulite.

Just as ineffective as losing weight is, it does not help with the cosmetic problem.

However, a healthy diet with the combination of exercise can only minimize the severity of the cellulite giving you a more appealing skin surface and structure. 


9. There is Only One Type of Cellulite

Contrary to this myth, there are two kinds of cellulite; cellulite rippled and dimpled.

These different kinds of cellulite determine the type of treatment offered to get rid of the skin condition. 


10. Every Bump and Lump are Cellulite

Most often than not, certain lumps and bumps are mistaken for cellulite.

Also, loose skins and stretch marks can be mistaken for cellulite.

Any skin unevenness or indentations not caused by fats protruding from underneath fibrous connective tissues are not cellulite. 


11. Only a few People Don’t Have Cellulite

Cellulite is a common skin condition found in about 90 per cent of women.

This development starts once they reach puberty. 

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, anyone irrespective of his or her age, skin colour, height, or body size can develop cellulite.


In a Nutshell

There you have it! Those are the myths about cellulite that you have to stop believing now.

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