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IPL Hair Removal: Home IPL Devices vs. Professional IPL Salons

Many people find it tedious to continually remove unwanted hair by shaving, waxing, or tweezing. If this applies to your situation, you must have thought about finding a long-lasting fix. 

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures to achieve this is IPL treatment. An IPL treatment is a type of wellness treatment that can be performed at home or by a professional in an IPL salon. 

But which is better in terms of overall effectiveness and safety? Before we answer that question, let’s talk about how the procedure works.



How Laser Hair Removal Works

A focused beam of light is used to inhibit the development of unwanted hair during IPL hair removal. The dark melanin pigment in the hair absorbs this light, commonly known as intense pulsed light, or IPL.

The energy from that light then warms up the hair follicles beneath the skin, safely damaging them without causing any damage to the skin or surrounding tissue. 

IPL hair removal stops or slows hair growth by going deeper than the skin’s surface. The results last longer than those of shaving or waxing.



Home IPL Device

Home IPL Devices

When you compare the cost of the handheld IPL equipment you may buy for at-home use with what you spend annually on shaving and/or waxing, you’ll see that these devices are reasonably priced.

They allow you to quickly complete any required grooming, which makes them practical as well. These tools often have easy controls and safety buttons that let you remove unwanted hair. 

However, burning is still possible, especially for people with darker skin tones. Additionally, this equipment releases energy at a rate of roughly 7 J/cm2, which is far less than its professional counterparts. 

Thus, you might find it hard to cover large areas with this kind of equipment and have to wait longer for results.


Professional IPL Salons

Advanced IPL devices with more adaptable settings are common in professional IPL salons. For the best results, they can be customized to meet your requirements and particular hair colour. 

Moreover, with an energy output of 40 J/cm2, these machines are more potent than those used at home. They are also safe to use on any desired body part. 

Furthermore, they are run by qualified specialists, so you can expect a hassle-free procedure. It is often costlier to have a hair removal treatment using IPL equipment in professional IPL salons. 

Nevertheless, some professional IPL salons provide unlimited care for life.


IPL treatment

So, Home IPL Devices vs. Professional IPL Salons: Which Type of Laser Hair Removal Is Best?

Every laser hair removal technique has advantages. However, there is no contest between professional treatment and at-home laser hair removal. 

Getting laser hair removal done professionally is preferable in terms of safety, efficiency, convenience, and long-term cost savings.

It is highly recommended to seek the help of a professional if you want to get rid of unwanted hair. They’ll assist you in getting the flawless skin you deserve in the safest way possible using cutting-edge tools and certified medical estheticians.


How professional IPL hair removal works

A professional IPL hair removal device works by sending a perfectly timed pulse of energy through the hair and into the hair follicle. This destroys the hair follicle and stops hair from growing there in the future. 


A professional IPL hair removal procedure:

  • Is rather quick, taking around 10 minutes for treatment on the face or underarms.
  • Is customized, taking into account your body chemistry, skin type, and hair colour.
  • Is permanent; after the initial course of treatments is over. These treatments are carefully timed so that they work best at each stage of the hair’s growth cycle.

How at-home laser/IPL hair removal works

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a common technology used in home hair removal devices to remove hair. 

The potential for damage means that these home devices aren’t built to be as safe as professional devices; the lower output means that they frequently either don’t do anything at all or they only produce enough heat to cause the hair to fall out without affecting the follicle. 

After a few days, the hair just comes back or its growth is only slightly impeded.


All in All

When IPL treatment is performed professionally at an IPL salon, you can experience comfort and efficiency thanks to the most recent, cutting-edge technology used in IPL machines. 

To obtain the results you desire with little to no effort, the skilled specialists will be able to safely handle any skin or hair concerns you might have and modify the machine settings to suit your skin tone. 

They can also take care of your IPL needs without causing burns, as opposed to when you do the procedure at home with a device and run the danger of damaging your skin.  

For those residing in London and seeking IPL hair treatment or other wellness treatments, please feel free to make an appointment with our specialist for a full consultation.



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