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IPL Hair Removal: Top 10 Common Myths and Facts

People are searching for all the different hair removal methods that can assist them in attaining a smooth and hair-free body as quickly as possible. 

After trying the more conventional approaches, many are eager to try on a high-tech procedure that is both more efficient and effective in removing all of those undesirable hairs.  

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal therapy is the answer for people who have been looking for an efficient method to get rid of undesirable body hair. With this therapy, your skin will become smooth and hairless. 

On the other hand, if you explore the internet for information on the processes and advantages of IPL treatment, you will come across many myths regarding this therapy.

In this article, let’s talk about ten misconceptions people typically have regarding the IPL hair removal option and the truths behind them.


1. The use of IPL for hair removal results in coarser, darker, and more frequent hair growth

IPL hair removal doesn’t result in your hair growing thicker. Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is often used to treat various skin disorders, including the elimination of hair. 

The goal of each treatment session is to decrease the growth of new hair, eventually leading to the complete elimination of all hair. IPL treatment does not cause hair to regrow any quicker, despite what the myth may have you believe. 

It causes the hair follicles to go into a state of dormancy for a considerable time. This results in the patients and users having hair-free bodies for an extended period.



2. IPL Hair Removal is not safe

Your level of safety is directly proportional to the quality of the IPL equipment you use and the expertise of your practitioner. The Food and Drug Administration has compiled a list of IPL devices suitable for use. 

However, to guarantee that the IPL hair removal treatment you receive is of high quality, it is best to speak with an IPL treatment specialist.


3. IPL puts you in danger of radiation exposure

IPL systems recommended and authorized by the FDA do not produce any radiation.


4. IPL Hair removal allows for the instant removal of unwanted hair

You will most likely need to undergo many therapy sessions to achieve the best outcomes. This is still something that varies from person to person. 

People whose treatment regions are smaller have a greater chance of completing their sessions in less time.


5. IPL Hair Removal is a very uncomfortable procedure

Once you reach adulthood, the overall number of fat cells in your body remains constant. 

As you gain or lose weight, the size of these cells changes, but the number of cells remains constant. Cryo slimming permanently eliminates fat cells in the treated region by destroying them. 

As a result, it decreases the overall number of fat cells in your body and prevents your body from storing as much fat in the treated region as it could previously, leaving that area “sculpted” even if you gain weight in the future.


6. IPL Hair Removal causes burns

It doesn’t happen very often at all. Unfortunately, instances of mishandling result in undesirable outcomes like burns. The use of IPL can be risk-free; however, this depends on the circumstances. 

Additionally, to guarantee that you will remain risk-free during the procedure, it is important to follow the directions provided by the practitioner or the IPL treatment specialist.


7. IPL Hair Removal is an expensive option

IPL therapy is significantly less expensive than laser treatment. At first glance, the price may appear excessively high.

However, when you consider how much money you would have spent on shaving and waxing, you will see how much you have saved.


8. IPL Hair Removal is exclusively available to female patients

At least a tiny bit of undesirable body hair is present on every one of us. IPL hair removal is available to both men and women, even though women are far more likely to seek it out than men.


9. IPL Hair Removal can only be performed in specialized medical facilities

IPL home treatment equipment is accessible to the general public and can be purchased. A good number of them have been approved by the FDA, indicating that they are suitable for use in the house. 

However, it is strongly advised that you receive professional consultation and advice before undergoing an IPL treatment


10. IPL Hair Removal cannot be done during summer

You can perform IPL hair removal anytime! However, to minimize potential complications, you should stay out of direct sunlight. 

Because of the way IPL works, having a tan can make the treatment less effective as well. In IPL hair removal treatments, patients with lighter skin tones fare better.


Final thoughts

These are some of the most widespread misconceptions regarding the IPL hair removal procedure that you are most likely to hear, and the sooner you dispel them, the better off you will be. 

IPL, in the end, proves to be a safe and successful treatment for removing undesirable body hair. 

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