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Health and Wellness: Are They the Same?

More often than not, we come across various phrases that we use on a regular basis but do not understand the difference between the two. There are times when we even assume that these two terms mean the same thing. 

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrases “health” and “wellness” used interchangeably. The majority of individuals in contemporary culture use these words interchangeably. However, there are some important differences between the two. 

Knowing the important features that make these two terms unique is important; let’s look at the difference between the two. But before that, let’s understand the two terms. 




Wellness is a state ranging from physical to mental and social health. While holistic health is the objective, health is frequently attained by focusing on the areas that require care. That includes addressing each aspect, from heart health to gastrointestinal health.

Many of the measures that one could take to enhance any of those health-related areas would be similar. Losing weight, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure consuming more nutrient-dense meals, prioritizing sleep, controlling stress, limiting alcohol and cigarette intake, etc.




Fundamentally, health is the end objective, whereas wellness is the dynamic process of maintaining a healthy and satisfying life. Wellness is primarily focused on leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is achievable, whether you are in perfect health or suffering from a chronic illness. 

Wellness encompasses all elements of your life, including your body, career, connections, emotional life, and much more. Health and wellness treatments can work together to help you attain a high level of well-being. Focusing on your well-being in particular might help you attain long-term health. 

If we were to understand wellness in depth, it is primarily based on three different areas, which are as follows:

Wellness is multi-dimensional in nature, it takes into account multiple elements like your lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and also the environment in general.

It is also positive and affirming in nature.

Wellness is an evolving process that is not only conscious but also self-directed in nature. It is aimed at achieving the full potential of an individual.


Wellness is multi-dimensional in nature, it takes into account multiple elements like your lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and also the environment in general.


It is also positive and affirming in nature.


Difference between health and wellness

As mentioned above, health can be defined as complete physical, mental and social well-being. However, wellness is a different process through which people make or alter choices that lead to a more successful existence. 

This is the most basic difference between health and wellness. In short, health is considered a state of being; on the other hand, wellness refers to the process of achieving good health. 

The following are the two distinct differences between health and wellness: 


When we are comparing the areas that both health and wellness target, we can see a clear difference. Health focuses on mental well-being that is free of stress or other mental disorders. Wellness, on the other hand, focuses on mindfulness or mind training. This is in addition to general mental health. 


By treatment options

Health typically deals with using western medicine treatments to treat diseases or disorders. Wellness treatment, on the other hand, uses different treatment techniques that may not involve western medicine at all. 


In Closing

While the terms are sometimes used frequently, there are significant distinctions between health and well-being. The ultimate aim is health, and wellness treatment is a proactive approach to achieving it.

Understanding the distinction is critical to having a fulfilled life. While health cannot be constantly altered, there is always the potential to be proactive and positive about one’s health.

Ultimately, putting your best effort forward in all aspects of your life may lead to improved health and wellness. For those residing in London and seeking wellness treatments, including cryotherapy, cryo-slimming, and cryo-facials, please schedule an appointment with our specialist for a full consultation.    


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