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How does fat freezing work?

Cryotherapy, is a cosmetic technique that reduces excess fat in problematic areas. It works by fat-freezing cells and killing or destroying them. 

Cuts, anesthesia, or the insertion of tools into the body are unnecessary for the non-invasive fat freezing procedure. It was the most commonly used body contouring method in 2018.


The Procedure

During the procedure, the practitioner cools the fat cells by sucking the skin above the fatty tissue. Some people claim they feel a cooling impact when the cold numbs the area. 

Fat Freezing sessions can run anywhere from 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. There is no downtime because there is no tissue or skin damage.

Some patients report soreness at the fat freezing site. It is identical to what they might feel following an intense workout or a mild muscular injury. Others mention stinging, hardness, swelling, rigidity, faint discoloration, and itching.

Following therapy, it can take 4-6 months to remove a person’s body’s fat cells completely. The amount of fat will then decrease by 20%. 

Infrared radiation is used in cryotherapy to freeze tissue, killing nearby cells. The physician uses a cotton swab or applies liquid nitrogen directly to skin malignancies. The doctor might use a tool known as a cryoprobe to freeze tumor tissue in cases of internal tumors.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistently exercising are the best approaches to improving outcomes. Together with the therapy, these two factors maximize the effects. Be mindful of what you eat, as it takes a while for the dead fat cells to decompose and wash out of the body. 

A massage is yet another approach to enhancing results. Five minutes following treatment, the therapist will massage the treated region. After the first two months, doing this can improve fat loss by up to 68%. 

Increasing your water intake may also enhance the results of fat freezing. This is because a well-hydrated body eliminates dead cells more effectively.


The Cost of Fat Freezing

The number of treatments and the places a person wants to treat will affect the cost; the cost of the therapy increases with the size of the region.

Greater treatments could be necessary for areas with more fat. Other elements, including the treatment provider’s expertise and geographic location, may also influence the cost. 


The Success Rate

The success and satisfaction rates for Fat freezing and other types of cryotherapy are very high. It doesn’t tighten the skin. 

However, fat freezing is not a magic bullet for quitting a bad lifestyle or losing weight. 


Final Takeaways

The fat freezing fat reduction technique aims to reduce fat, especially in body parts where it is more challenging to lose weight with diet and exercise. 

Fat freezing presents fewer risks than traditional fat-reduction methods like liposuction. For those residing in London and seeking cryotherapy or fat freezing treatments, please feel free to make an appointment with our specialist for a full consultation.  


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