does cryo slimming work

Does Cryo Slimming Really Work?

Those who want to get rid of undesirable fat from specific body areas are generally limited to a few choices.

A strict diet and high intensity workouts work well, but, do not result in targeted fat loss in the area of concern unless working with a professional trainer. The second option is liposuction, which can be both costly and highly invasive.

This is why it’s no surprise that there are many people who decide to do nothing, attempt to hide the bulges and struggle in solitude.

The great news is that an innovative new therapy, Cryo Slimming, has been developed in recent times. Cryo slimming is both an easy and efficient way to breakdown fat cells while being non-invasive.

What Does Cryo Slimming Entail?

A single treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes, and is carried out by applying cold (sub-zero) temperatures to the fat layers through the skin to break down the unwanted fat cells.

These fat cells are then eliminated from the body through normal waste elimination systems. Cryo Slimming is not only non-invasive and non-surgical but does not cause any side-effects or skin problems and requires no downtime post procedure.

Who Is Cryo Slimming Good For?

Cryo Slimming is suitable for specific target areas for example saddle-bags, bat-wings, muffin-tops and double-chins that prove problematic to eliminate via routine nutrition and physical activity but is not suitable for overall weight loss. 

When aiming to reduce your total body weight, exercising regularly and a calorie controlled diet is still the smartest long-term option.

Cryo Slimming will greatly enhance body confidence for both men and women by removing those pockets of fat that just won’t budge and contouring/ shaping the body without undergoing surgical trauma.

Some patients see good outcomes after only three to six Cryotherapy sessions with losses of up to 1cm per session. It is advisable that there is a 14 day gap between sessions to allow the natural elimination to take place.

As with all treatments, a balanced lifestyle and a nutritious diet will enable you to accomplish your body goals more easily.

Cryo Slimming

Benefits Of Cryo Slimming

Cryo slimming or Fat freezing is both a non-invasive and non-surgical. Other related advantages are listed below:

  • A pain-free therapy that lasts from just half an hour.
  • No downtime, fits perfectly into busy lifestyles
  • Results are measurable after just a single treatment.
  • More economical than costly surgical procedures.
  • When compared to surgical procedures, Cryo Slimming most definitely provides a far less painful, non-invasive, less risky and admittedly less frightening alternative.

Cryo Slimming - A Popular Choice

Cryo Slimming provides all the advantages of eliminating stubborn fat pockets without any of the inconvenience of traditional surgery. Without pain, down-time, risky side-effects or hefty costs, it is simple to see why Cryo Slimming is a very popular choice.

This is effectively the safest option currently available to eliminate unwanted subcutaneous fat, and the outcomes are measurable from the first session.

Why not give it a go?

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